Produce Wars is Official

Yes, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. But I promise I have an excuse.

I’ve been making a game, of course.

Gigaloth would like to take a moment of your time to officially announce the first game to be published under the Gigaloth name. If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ve heard me talking about cartoon fruit and Angry Birds, and how our first game will be some kind of strange abomination mashing these two things together.

Prepare yourself, because we’ve got screenshots for you on how exactly we’re making that happen.

Now I realize that most people will just glaze over the rest of this text and look at the screenshots. That’s fine. For those of you who actually know how to ignore the temptation of the bright colors below, the code name for the game is “Produce Wars” and we are very happy with the progress we’ve had in the last two weeks.

The entirety of the game is being programmed by our lead programmer – the Oni. The amazing thing is that roughly seven weeks ago, he was opening up a code book for the first time in his life. Keep this in mind as you read the rest of this post and look at our screenshots. I’ve been trying to convince him to tell his story and learning process here on the dev blog, because it certainly should be a motivation for any prospective game developers out there.

Seven weeks ago, we had NOTHING. Today we have this.

The screenshot above is the very first look at the interface of the custom map editor for Produce Wars, and the engine we will be using to build our stages. We decided to use a tile engine because it is reusable for other types of games (most notably 2D platformers), and because it allowed us to have precise placement of the blocks and terrain objects for building structures. There are a multitude of customizable options for tile placement in the left window, which I will not go into, as well as full parallax scrolling and animation right there in the editor.

But wait – there’s more!

While you recuperate from that infomercial blast I’ve just laid on you, allow me to tell you about the comment we received directly from Frozensoft – the makers of Angry Fish:

“Awesome! Once you start playing with dynamic physics that’s when things get fun.”

Allow me to formally respond by saying, “you are absolutely right.”

That’s right lads, we also have physics. We’ve been spending the last two days hurling apples into block towers and watching things explode and topple over. It’s almost like we’ve spent a majority of time constructing the Garden of Eden, and we just now get to put people, trees, and snakes in to see what happens.

Oh right, there’s an allegory with an apple there too. But I think you get the point.

I suppose the overarching message here is that this ship is coming along nicely, and if all goes well, we are targeting an early summer release on XBOX Live Indie Games.

Keep up with the Gigaloth development blog, because next time we will explain everything  you need to know to get excited about Produce Wars (such as story structure, world development, characters, and more). And we may even have videos.


Remember, if you have questions for the Gigaloth team – whether as a gamer or developer – tweet us, e-mail at gigaloth@gmail(dot)com, or leave a comment and you’re sure to get a response…eventually.


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