Welcome to the World of Produce Wars

I was sitting with our programmer this morning and we were discussing the various aspects of Produce Wars that we need to lock down before it goes into testing, and then it hit me:

There aren’t any screenshots of the actual game.

We have been working on getting some gameplay videos up, but CamStudio slows my laptop down to the processing power of an abacus, making it nearly impossible to record any sort of useful video. Because of this, you’ll just have to deal with stills until I become a smarter human being.

We’re pleased to present Produce Wars as more of a 2D-platformer tower siege hybrid instead of a straight up tower siege game. Each of the stages will have a unique name, challenge, and puzzle to keep the game fresh all the way throughout. The game is slated to release on XBLIG sometime in July, so getcha popcorn ready.

In addition, the player may have to return to certain stages after unlocking more fruit in order to collect coins or obtain better medals (the game is scored on a gold/silver/bronze standard as seen in the bottom right of the screenshots).

There will be five worlds that host the war between fruits and veggies. If all goes according to plan, each world will have 20 stages – totaling 100 stages in the single player campaign – in addition to some unlockable bonus stages.

We’ve worked very hard on the graphics and backgrounds of these five worlds, and hope that they will provide a plethora (yes…plethora) of exploration and variation. Each world also will feature it’s own music by none other than THE Waterflame (c’mon…you knew this already).

Without further ado, here are the five worlds of Produce Wars:

World 1 – Orchard Hills: Friendly ground for the fruits, the orchards provide an easy traverse to get the player familiar with the basic gameplay elements of Produce Wars.

World 2 – Berrywood: The woods are home to many creatures that enjoy the scrumptious sweet taste of fruit, which is why the fruit rarely travel outside the orchard.

World 3 – Thirsty Sands: The extreme heat and lack of water make this barren wasteland inhospitable for fruits and veggies alike, making for a difficult trek.

World 4 – Frosty Heights: Constant blizzards and dangerous creatures keep the fruit from ever venturing this far from home.

World 5 – ???: The secret hideout constructed by the veggies. Who knows what kinds of machinery and tricks the fruit will find here?

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