Produce Wars Box Art and Update

Please let us know your thoughts on the Produce Wars box art (click for full resolution) via a comment or quick Twitter message! If you really aren’t into reading, the game details are at the bottom of the post.

Somewhere out in the game development wasteland, there is a cliff where at the bottom of the ravine lies the wreckage of games that never saw it through to publishing. One could look over this cliff and see the scattered pixels of unused spritesheets and fragmented remains of unfinished code blocks.

Well, we here at Gigaloth are determined not to let Produce Wars become part of this wreckage.

I promise to you, regardless of the amount of inactivity here on the dev blog, we have been working on Produce Wars with Pikachu-like fervor. As of this week, the game is entering beta development.

That ‘s right.

If all goes according to plan, we will have Produce Wars available on the XBOX Live Indie Marketplace by the end of September. This is much behind our original schedule, but we have been making many additions and upgrades to the game that we thought were necessary to really make the game worth the download.

You’re bored already? Okay, here’s the details (and basics for first-timers):

  • 10 tutorial stages plus 90 campaign stages – totaling 100 stages including fort destruction, saw blades, scripted baddies, flamethrowers, fans, mini-bosses, bosses, and much more!
  • Physics-based siege gameplay (a la Angry Birds and Beaver’s Revenge) integrated with fruitastic action-packed barrel blasting puzzle platformer goodness.
  • 7 different fruits, each with their own shot behavior.
  • Shot power-ups including fireball, lightning, frost, and more to help you conquer and destroy.
  • Completely awesome and fast-paced soundtrack by your favorite Norwegian Castle Crasher composer Waterflame.
  • Available via XBOX Live Indie Game Marketplace for only 240 MSP.

For all of us here at Gigaloth Games, have a wonderful day!

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