Produce Wars Preview Trailer for XBOX Live Indie Games and Steam Greenlight

We’ve released the first trailer for our upcoming XBOX Live Indie Game Produce Wars! This is the first look at live gameplay and features that will be in the game, so be sure to give it a look and tell us what you think! Details for the game are outlined in the press release-ish post below.

ProduceWarsBoxArtProduce Wars is the debut game for two-person indie developer Gigaloth, to appear on Xbox Live Indie Games and Steam Greenlight. The game is an ambitious effort to combine elements from physics-based siege, platformer, and puzzle games to create a fun, family-friendly, and challenging gaming experience.

And it will only cost one dollar.

The fruit princess has been kidnapped by the evil Doc Broc and his team of vile vegetables. As the leader of all fruit-kind, journey through 5 worlds and nearly 100 stages launching your team of 7 heroic fruit to rush past obstacles, solve puzzles, and demolish structures on your way to — of course — save the princess.

The core gameplay mechanic of Produce Wars is to use explosive barrels to launch your fruits at the vegetables and their structures analyzing weak points and maximizing destruction. But with switches, fans, springs, wild animals, buzzsaws, spikes, and more, Produce Wars brings a fresh and original take never seen before in a siege game. It will be about the timing and order of your shots as much as your accuracy. It’s “Angry Birds meets Donkey Kong Country”.

If the video trailer isn’t enough to tantalize you, then the eargasmic soundtrack will be. Produce Wars features more than a dozen tracks from legendary Norwegian composer Waterflame — best known for his work on the “behemoth” XBOX Live Arcade title Castle Crashers.

Produce Wars is also packed full of explosive bonus content including unlockable bonus stages, cheat options, multiple endings, and more. The game will even have cameo appearances from characters seen in other XBOX games.

Yeah it will be on the XBOX Live Indie Game Marketplace, but you won’t find any violence, cleavage, blood, zombies, pirates, ninjas, pandas, or any other smut in Produce Wars (okay, there may be one pirate). Not only can you play it, but little Timmy and Jimmy can play it too. Heck, even your dog can play Produce Wars if it has the necessary paw-eye coordination.

Produce Wars will release in early 2013 on the XBOX Live Indie Games Marketplace. The game will also be up for vote on Steam Greenlight, and may be available on iOS and mobile devices by summer 2013.

Please take the time to let us know what you think by leaving a comment, or sending us an email, tweet, book to the face, or fruit basket.

E-mail: gigaloth[at]gmail[dot]com
Twitter: (mention #ProduceWars)
Facebook: (like us!)
Fruit Basket: Seriously? Do people still do this?


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