More Produce Wars Screenshots

Weather, powerup effects, scoring system, victory/fail screen, and tweaks to the physics engine. This is what we’ve been working on since the launch of our preview trailer. Produce Wars will release on XBLIG early 2013.

Just a couple new screenshots to update you on the progress of Produce Wars. We’ve been hamsters at the wheel over the holidays, trying to hammer out as much as we can before real life returns. I’ve included one screenshot from each world.

You’ll notice some things in the screenshots that aren’t in our preview trailer:

  1. New parallaxed weather effects unique to each world. Each time you restart or load a stage, the “heaviness” of the weather is randomly generated, and it could also be day or night, and even raining. Each time you play a stage, it will look different than the last time.
  2. With our power-up barrels fully working, I’ve personally redesigned a number of stages using the fireball, TNT, saw, cannonball, and growth barrels. In stages with power-ups, you get to decide when and where you use them.
  3. The new scoring system measures the amount of damage you inflict on structures and veggies, with multiplier bonuses for killing veggies in a short amount of time (yeah, it’s kind of like THIS).

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