Produce Wars Brosscoli

Produce Wars will feature a final boss battle against the evil Doc Broc. Watch the game’s preview trailer here! The game will release on XBLIG early 2013.

Let’s be honest here. If you really wanted to just go play Angry Birds, you would do it. You can play it on PC, Mac, your phone, your tablet, Facebook…heck, you can even just walk down the street with a bag of chalk and get yourself into some angry fun.

One of the most common comments we’ve received so far about Produce Wars is, “let’s hope this is more than an Angry Birds rip-off.” Every time we hear it, it is accompanied by a disdaining, skeptical eyeroll, like “let’s hope these knockoff Cheerios taste as good as the real ones” or “let’s hope that girl didn’t have herpes.”

Don’t worry, Produce Wars won’t give you…that.

IBrocShipn fact, we’ve been very conscious of trying to create a game in the same genre as Angry Birds, but with a completely new style of play. We’re doing our very best to make our generic brand equal the good stuff.

So we hope that players will recognize the effort we’ve put into making the game its own. One thing Produce Wars will feature is a final boss stage, where you duke it out directly with Doc Broc in a fast-paced battle to the death.

This ain’t your grandma’s physics game any more.

Yes, that’s our maniacal villain in his flying saucer. And yes, it’s supposed to look like he stole it from Dr. Wily. It’s our way of paying subtle homage to one of the greatest gaming series of all time.

There are more subtle (and not so subtle) references to gaming lore that will appear in Produce Wars. For example, Broc’s monocle pays homage to Super Meat Boy’s Dr. Fetus, and his mustache is tribute to the most recognizable evil facial hair in gaming.

For the rest, you’ll just have to play the game and find ’em!

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