14 Days of Produce Wars! Day 2: Flooded

“14 Days of Produce Wars” features a new gameplay video from the beta version of our upcoming XBLIG title Produce Wars each day for two straight weeks, and developer commentary on that stage.

Dev Commentary

This stage shows off the weather effects we added to Produce Wars. The rain appears randomly on stages in the first two worlds, and the effect turned out quite nicely. It can also be night time, day time, or dusk when you play any given level, and the tileset and objects tint accordingly. Because of this, you can play a single stage multiple times under different circumstances.

This particular stage has a moving platform that carries the structure, with a yellow switch underneath to take the bottom out if needed. In the video, I showcase the destructive power of both the cherries and the strawberry when used correctly. The cherries split into three and explode after they come to rest (cherry bombs!), and the strawberry has a powerful “stomp” ability allowing you to crush veggies from above.


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