Produce Wars in Playtest

Produce Wars is currently in pre-release playtesting with the XBOX Live developers community. If you are an XNA Creator’s Club member, you can download and playtest the game right now by visiting the Playtest Feedback forum at the XBOX Live Indie Games ForumsProduce Wars won Best Game and Best Presentation at the U.S. Finals of Microsoft’s 2013 Imagine Cup.

Even though the Gigaloth has been slumbering for the long summer, it has now woken up and is ready to venture forth into the land of adventure.

chinese-orangeOr in other words, publish a game.

Produce Wars is now in playtest with the great folks involved in the XBOX Live Indie Games (XBLIG) community. For those of you who don’t know how the process works, essentially the developer community is able to give you feedback on the overall quality of your game, as well as make sure that you didn’t overlook anything that might cause bugs, error codes, or crashes (gamers don’t like these things).

After a week of playtesting, we then address any bugs that might have come up, then officially submit the game for review. Every game on the XBLIG Marketplace has to pass through a certain number of peer developer reviews to make sure it meets the guidelines and requirements of XBOX before it can be published to XBLIG. This can usually take between one and three weeks.

Mumbo jumbo…what exactly does this mean for Produce Wars?

It means that barring a colossal setback in coding or peer review, Produce Wars should launch on XBLIG early to mid-October. The exact launch date is tentatively October 11th or 18th. Coincidentally, this will be the same day we launch the Kickstarter campaign for Tug O’ Lords, our first table-top game (check it out, if you are into that sort of thing).

GrinningBananaAs for the future of Produce Wars, it doesn’t end here. In fact, we’re treating the XBLIG release as an open Beta to get widespread feedback on the game so that we can smooth out the wrinkles and make it even better for a tablet release…or perhaps even XBOX One or Steam if we are fortunate enough.

If you are a XBLIG developer, please take the time to playtest Produce Wars and provide feedback, and please give a moment to help us through peer review!

If you are a gamer, well, mark your calendar.

Please follow us on Twitter, or like us on Facebook to get updates on what we are working on. Heck, you can even TALK to us…imagine that!


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