Tug O’ Lords to Launch October 25

The official crowdfunding campaign for Tug O’ Lords will launch on Kickstarter next Friday, October 25. You can preview the Kickstarter page here, and find out more about the game here.


Okay, so I know I told you last week that the Kickstarter campaign for Tug O’ Lords would launch October 18 (which happens to be tomorrow).

Unfortunately, we ran into more snags than a spinner in cattails (yeah, that was a joke for all our anglers out there!). Because of this, we are launching NEXT Friday, October 25.

To launch a project on Kickstarter, you have to have your account approved by Amazon (yes…THE Amazon) so that if the project funds, they have a way to pay you. Furthermore, Amazon had to verify our business information, bank information, and personal information to confirm that we are indeed, who they think we are (a little help here Dennis Green?).


This turned into sending three or four faxes to Amazon, which ended up taking about a week and a half longer than I expected. I felt a bit like John Elway (the people at Amazon are just doing their jobs…I know).

After that, Kickstarter needs to approve your project to make sure your project isn’t selling crack or funding terrorists (something like that…I think). The good news is, this took the folks at Kickstarter a whole two and a half hours. Thank you Luke, for your exceptional scouting of our project!

To recap, Amazon knows who we are. Kickstarter knows who we are. It’s NFL season, and all systems appear go for launch.

Please share Tug O’ Lords with your friends, family, and even those creeps you randomly friended on Facebook. We are here for you, so please contact us with your questions!


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