Produce Wars in Peer Review

Produce Wars is now in the last step before it can be officially launched on XBOX Live Indie Games. Please click here to find out more information about the game.

Produce Wars Plot

Produce Wars was submitted to peer review on XBOX Live Indie Games (XBLIG) late Saturday night, which means it is only one step away from your XBOX 360.

When a game enters peer review, it must pass through a series of reviews by other XBLIG developers to make sure it doesn’t contain inappropriate material, crashes, bugs, or other issues that would make it unplayable to the general public. After passing a certain number of approvals by it’s “peers”, the game is available on the XBLIG Marketplace. For the most part, the review process works.

Other times it results in an “inmates run the asylum” environment.

We aren’t too concerned with the review process on Produce Wars though. The game doesn’t contain any offensive material, and is apparently bug and crash free after over 100 hours of playtest from a number of people.

If everything goes well and we are able to get enough support from other developers, we could have Produce Wars on the marketplace this week. If you are a XBLIG developer, please take the time to review it and/or share with the community so we are able to push Produce Wars through peer review!

Please take the time to click “like” on our Facebook page or “follow” on our Twitter account. We are 100% certain it won’t be the worst decision you make today.


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