Tug O’ Lords Reboot: What Happened?

The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Tug O’ Lords card game has been cancelled and will relaunch on Wednesday, November 6th with a lower price for the Deluxe game ($29 instead of $49) and Kickstarter exclusive content.

Let’s be honest here.

It’s generally not a good sign when a Kickstarter project cancels. It usually means that the project was grossly underachieving, or that it actually funded but the project creator realized they couldn’t deliver what they promised with the amount of money pledged to their campaign.

In the case of Tug O’ Lords, it’s actually neither. So here it is:

ToLSquareIconDuring the week before launch, we had been talking with Brian Mazzaferri from our manufacturer Print Ninja about quotes on different levels of the game to make sure we could cover the costs of hitting stretch goals and adding cards to the game. Brian informed us that he was exploring new options for the internal card divider that we had originally been quoted on.

Initially it was thought we would have had to pay a tooling cost of between $2k-$3k to create the plastic mold, and then the cost of the including that in the game box as well. However, Brian delivered the news to us that we would be able to use a thermoform plastic tray instead, which would forego the tooling fee and be much cheaper.

And now for part two.

In our initial project, we were offering two separate versions of the game – Basic and Deluxe – which had different boxes and components. Our oversight came a few days into the campagin.

Not many people were interested in the Basic version. In fact, nobody was. The $25k funding goal we had set was assuming we would have to print both Basic and Deluxe versions (which, in hindsight, is pretty silly). So Jascha (the other designer) and I spent most of the day Monday and Tuesday running the numbers with one thing in mind:

What if we just simplify everything and print one version for everyone?

We scrambled back and forth through the printing quotes. The cost numbers started looking a lot more reasonable. This could work.

The result was being able to offer the game (with card divider) at a much lower cost than we originally thought. After much deliberation, debate, and spirited discourse we decided it would be best to re-launch the project (there were, in fact, no spirits involved in our discourse…either supernatural or liquid).

The result is a game priced much more reasonably at $29 (instead of $49), and a renewed sense of what our backers want from Tug O’ Lords.

Please like our Facebook page. We don’t ask for much. Seriously. It’s the least you could do. Actually, the least you could do is nothing. But you won’t settle for that…will you?


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