First Look at Empyrium Tactics

I thought I’d throw out where exactly we are at with our development on Empyrium Tactics, and prove there’s a little bit more behind the game than a claim that we’re making a new RPG.

The below screenshot is taken directly from our current Unity build of the battle scene:


Okay, so here’s what I can tell you so far. The current battle engine lets us place characters in formations, give characters initiative, and have them attack each other sequentially based on their initiative. The characters also already have basic idle, move, and attack animations using Unity’s Mechanim Animation in 2D (I’ll try to post the work I’ve been doing with the graphics and animator).

The next image is completely a mock-up done in Photoshop using the world map graphics I’ve been working on. I actually took a piece of the first stage from the original Ogre Battle and mapped over it with our objects just to get an idea of how it is going to look, and try to come to terms with how in Zelda’s pantyhose we’re going to do the tactical maps in Unity.


That’s it for now!

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