What’s Next for Gigaloth?

We’re making a new game, and it’s probably not what you expect from us.

While most of you have been following along with Kingdom Blitz over the past couple months, I wanted to go ahead and post to let everyone know that we here at Gigaloth do indeed still make video games.

And it doesn’t have to do with flying fruit this time.

We’re starting development on our next game, Empyrium Tactics: Isles of Destiny. What is it? It’s a real-time strategy RPG, and it’s the type game that we wanted to make from the get go, not the type of game we THOUGHT we should make (a la Produce Wars). We’re developing with Unity and targeting Steam, Playstation 4, and XBOX One.


The main inspiration for Empyrium Tactics is the Ogre Battle series, which for whatever reason was “discontinued” by Square Enix despite both Ogre Battle (SNES) and Ogre Battle 64 (N64) having tremendous success and winning many accolades for being inventive and innovative, and unanimously voted among the best games on their respective consoles. Since, the genre has been overrun with the turn-based squad-tactics of Final Fantasy Tactics, Front Mission, Fire Emblem, and Disgaea which – albeit great games – aren’t quite the same type of strategy RPG.

Empyrium Tactics will be our attempt at innovating and expanding the original Ogre Battle games and will have a public development process as we build the game in Unity.

So, without further adieu, slap on your winged cap, lace up your sprint shoes, and follow along with us as we build a new adventure!

Please like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter. We don’t spam you with videos of Miley Cyrus or tell you about what we had for breakfast. It’s all games, all the time.


3 thoughts on “What’s Next for Gigaloth?

  1. I’m excited to see the development of this game. I am loving Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together on the Vita, and FF: Tactics is always fun.

    I’m mainly a fan of the class system in both of those games though, which is one of the main draws for other games like Bravely Default and Fire Emblem: Awakening. So I wonder if this will have classes too?

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