The State of Things

Team and company: We finally made the hard call to cut non-productive team members. The remaining operations are splitting into 2 companies (Gigaloth Games and Gigaloth Publishing). One of them may end up being re-branded and re-incorporated as the finer business points of that are sorted out. Gigaloth Games now has a staff of 2 people (programmer and graphic designer). They both have outside jobs however are committed to bringing Empyrium Tactics to fruition as fast as possible. We will be hiring/recruiting new team members soon. The website is about to undergo an overhaul to reflect all this restructuring.

Website: We owe everyone an apology as we had not been keeping the website current. The website is going to see a relaunch before July 1. Following that, our commitment to you is to push out a weekly progress report on our current project Empyrium Tactics.

Empyrium Tactics: It has been fully converted from Unity to Unreal Engine. We are now working as fast as we can to get the game into a publicly playable testing state. Weekly progress updates will begin to be published on the re-launched website starting July 1.

Kingdom Blitz: This project has been cancelled.

Produce Wars: Purchase on XBOX Live for $1. No plans to make any additional content, patches, or ports. There is a PC version of the game on our shared hub (requires USB Xbox Controller). Send an email if you would like access. We are discussing releasing this open source.

Thanks for all your patience,


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