Chris Dixon

Co-Founder. Graphics, Media, and everything Ninja

GigaChris…although Chris loves sports, video games have always been at the center of his life (so much so, here’s an example of what happens when Chris goes to sleep…no joke). Chris is the wizard behind all of the colorful artwork that you see in our games and on the website. He also chiefly coordinates all of the projects Gigaloth undertakes – a monster of all trades.


Mark A. Dixon

Co-Founder, PRODUCER, Programmer, Game Design

GigaMark…video games…the next frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Gigaloth. Although Mark grew up as a Trekkie, he was never as frustrated as Captain Kirk was with Khan when it came to video games. At Gigaloth, Mark is in charge of writing all the code. Programming. You know, the core, the X’s and O’s, the heart of the beast. Without him, it would be “Game Over”.


MD Shoatzycoatl

Epic Storymancer

GigaMD…from the depths of Dr. Wily’s fortresses to the top of great 8-bit mountains, games have always had an inspiring impact on MD’s journey through life. So much so that he’s pursued a career in writing (“World Train” , “Snapshots to Bliss“, and “Rebuilding Broken). He dreams and writes memorable characters and stories for Gigaloth.


Adam Mackie

Poet and Versifier

…hailing from a past shrouded in mystery and prose, Adam writes for Gigaloth about the bells and whistles that go into storytelling in gaming. He oozes about words like “rhetoric” and “post-modernism”, and has a penchant for breaking controller buttons during fits of Street Fighter 2.