The State of Things

Team and company: We finally made the hard call to cut non-productive team members. The remaining operations are splitting into 2 companies (Gigaloth Games and Gigaloth Publishing). One of them may end up being re-branded and re-incorporated as the finer business points of that are sorted out. Gigaloth Games now has a staff of 2 people (programmer and graphic designer). They both have outside jobs however are committed to bringing Empyrium Tactics to fruition as fast as possible. We will be hiring/recruiting new team members soon. The website is about to undergo an overhaul to reflect all this restructuring.

Website: We owe everyone an apology as we had not been keeping the website current. The website is going to see a relaunch before July 1. Following that, our commitment to you is to push out a weekly progress report on our current project Empyrium Tactics.

Empyrium Tactics: It has been fully converted from Unity to Unreal Engine. We are now working as fast as we can to get the game into a publicly playable testing state. Weekly progress updates will begin to be published on the re-launched website starting July 1.

Kingdom Blitz: This project has been cancelled.

Produce Wars: Purchase on XBOX Live for $1. No plans to make any additional content, patches, or ports. There is a PC version of the game on our shared hub (requires USB Xbox Controller). Send an email if you would like access. We are discussing releasing this open source.

Thanks for all your patience,


Kingdom Blitz: The MEGA HUGE Update

Name change, going digital, early bird specials, and a full color print and play with expansion content! Kingdom Blitz is a fantasy card game that will be running again on Kickstarter sometime soon in 2014. Take a look!

The below content is an update posted on the Kingdom Blitz (formerly known as Tug O’ Lords) kickstarter page.

Welcome to the New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a very good holiday season. I’m going to get right down to business, because we’ve been doing a lot over the last three weeks and there’s a lot of stuff to cover.

“Kingdom Blitz” is Official

The Tug O’ Lords name is officially gone to the wayside, and has been renamed to “Kingdom Blitz”. You can see the re-branding of the game all over our website.

Thank you to everyone for your input and contributions to helping figure out a new name for the game. Hopefully the new name will bring in more interest and give people a better idea about the game.

Digital Blitz

The digital playable version of the game is still underway, and is mostly hung up on our programmer’s familiarity with the Unity engine. I’ll try to get some screenshots of what he’s working on and post them as soon as possible.

The digital version will be a great way for people to try the game and get a good idea of how it plays without the labor of a print and play.

Early Birds

I want to thank everyone who has participated and provided input and who was on board for the first time around on Kickstarter. As such, after much deliberation with Jascha, we will offer a number of early bird discount pledges on the second campaign to reward all of YOU for joining us in our dream early on.

It’s one way I’m able to say “thank you” to everyone who has been a part of it from the beginning.

We still need to re-evaluate pricing and costs, so I can’t tell you at this time how much of a discount we can offer or how many, but I can tell you that everyone here will have an opportunity to get in for the early bird pricing.

Please let your friends and gaming groups know that there will be early bird pledges as well, and to follow along with the second release!

Full Color Print and Play…WITH EXPANSIONS!

That’s right. Just this morning I assembled the full color print and play version for anyone who wants to play the game in style. There’s new card design, updated card abilities, and best of all…I’ve included the Darkane and Odyssey expansion content for people to try and play. I did this because I wanted to give everyone a reason to be excited about the second campaign:

Note: unofficial artwork
Note: unofficial artwork

I think this is a good reason to be excited.

Even if you aren’t going to print it, take a look through the cards and content. There’s lots of good stuff in there.

Oh, the link. Right.


Stick around! The second campaign has just begun!

The Produce Wars Code 4 (and how to avoid it)

UPDATE: This has been patched, and is no longer relevant. Enjoy your day adventurer!

It has come to our attention that the launch version of Produce Wars has a Code 4 error in it. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a nasty little error that crashes the game and kicks you back to the XBOX dashboard.


This error will occur after finishing World 5-14: Black Belt, and pressing the (A) button to advance to the next stage (World 5-15: Doc Broc). To avoid the error and play the boss stage, simply return to the menu after completing 5-14, and select 5-15 from the menu screen.

We are working on the patch for this issue, and will have it immediately released as soon as we are able to submit and pass review. The patch will also address the “New Track Unlocked!” prompt which appears intermittently when completing stages in World 5, among other things.

Thank you for playing Produce Wars!

Produce Wars in Peer Review

Produce Wars is now in the last step before it can be officially launched on XBOX Live Indie Games. Please click here to find out more information about the game.

Produce Wars Plot

Produce Wars was submitted to peer review on XBOX Live Indie Games (XBLIG) late Saturday night, which means it is only one step away from your XBOX 360.

When a game enters peer review, it must pass through a series of reviews by other XBLIG developers to make sure it doesn’t contain inappropriate material, crashes, bugs, or other issues that would make it unplayable to the general public. After passing a certain number of approvals by it’s “peers”, the game is available on the XBLIG Marketplace. For the most part, the review process works.

Other times it results in an “inmates run the asylum” environment.

We aren’t too concerned with the review process on Produce Wars though. The game doesn’t contain any offensive material, and is apparently bug and crash free after over 100 hours of playtest from a number of people.

If everything goes well and we are able to get enough support from other developers, we could have Produce Wars on the marketplace this week. If you are a XBLIG developer, please take the time to review it and/or share with the community so we are able to push Produce Wars through peer review!

Please take the time to click “like” on our Facebook page or “follow” on our Twitter account. We are 100% certain it won’t be the worst decision you make today.