Kingdom Blitz


12/22/14 UPDATE: All creature artwork done!
CURRENT STATUS: Playtesting new rules!


Kingdom Blitz is a fast-paced fantasy card game based on the MOBA genre. Wielding powerful elemental magic, lead your armies of fantasy creatures across multiple lanes in an attempt to topple your opponent’s castle. Lead your Kingdom! Blitz your enemies!

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Players 2-4; Ages: 12+; Time: 40-60 minutes

Kingdom Blitz is a fast-paced fantasy card game where you control armies from all genres of fantasy to try and overtake your opponent’s castle. The game mechanic is based on the lane defense style game (also known as multiplayer online battle arena – or MOBA) popularized at first by Warcraft III mod Defense of the Ancients, and now League of Legends.


Each player commands one fantasy kingdom: Knights, Demons, Undead, Elves, Dwarves or Orcs. As a powerful Kingdom Overlord, you pair one of these kingdoms with a magical element (fire, ice, earth, and air) and shuffle them together to create a single deck of fantasy awesomeness. Want to play Fire Knights? Ice Demons? Storm Orcs? The possibilities are limitless! Okay, not limitless, but there are like, a lot of combinations. Fans of Paul Peterson’s Smash Up! card game know of this mechanic quite well.

Each Kingdom and Magic deck has its own strengths and weaknesses, ensuring that no two deck combinations play the same. You can find out more about each Kingdom below.




For years, humans struggled in their constant war against the demonic hordes of the underworld. Facing extinction, mankind turned to their Gods for help. Their best knights were gifted with powers of the divine, and even the Angels themselves have descended from the heavens to the battlefield.


Many know not to wander deep within the vaunted forests, for fear they may never be heard from again. It is said that tribes of Elves inhabit the trees, fiercely protecting the wood from outsiders. Rumors say that the Elves are even able to talk with the trees and spirits of the forest, bringing them to life.


Usually humble and reserved, for ages Dwarves weren’t known as much more than tinkerers. But when they discovered the power of steam, everything changed. Empowered by their newfound discovery in machinery, Dwarves become fearless and bold as they began to build juggernauts of war.


From the fiery depths of the underworld, terrible creatures emerge in throngs to threaten the mortal world. Born from the corrupted souls of both mortal and divine creatures, Demons terrorize all of the creatures of the mortal realm under the mighty command of Diablos himself.


It is unknown when or where it began. Legions of the Undead began to appear from the swamps and marshes, slowly spreading like a plague across the land. Under the control of powerful Necromancers, the Undead established strongholds and armies unmatched by the living.


Pillage, raze, demolish, and destroy. This is the motto of the marauding Orc tribes hailing from the rocky wastelands of the Barrens. Orcs have learned to tame even the mightiest of beasts to lead their armies into battle, relying on fear and overwhelming might.


The artwork of Kingdom Blitz is done by Emmanuel Bou Roldan and Geraint Goh. Both artists have worked non-stop to make the realm of Kingdom Blitz come to life. Please take the time to visit the DeviantArt pages of these two incredibly talented artists and give them feedback on their work.

Emmanuel Bou Roldan (a.k.a. nekrosavant)
Geraint Goh (a.k.a. DragonicHeaven)

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