Kingdom Blitz: Gameplay

Want to know how to play Kingdom Blitz? We can help you with that. Click that nifty little icon below this paragraph for a full PDF of the rules. They are only four pages long, but if that’s “rawr! too many words!” for you, there’s a summary of gameplay below.


The basic idea of the game is that you deploy creatures at your castle, and they march towards the enemy castle with victory on the mind and little regard for their own safety (kind of like these guys). Each creature has an attack value, a number of hit points, and a movement value. Creatures deal damage equal to their attack value, absorb hits equal to their HP value, and move along the battlefield according to their movement value.

In addition, every card in the game has a level associated with it, whether it be a spell or creature, which determines its “mana cost” to put into play. Since you can only spend a limited amount of mana per turn, you must be strategic how you play your cards in order to gain an advantage over your opponent.


Of course, while you are busy building your army and marching happily across the battlefield, your scheming opponent is doing the same. When armies meet each other in the middle of the battlefield, they shake hands (or hooves…or claws) in a gentlemanly fashion and duke it out. Every creature has its own unique ability which can influence combat, movement, deployment, or other facets of the game creating multiple layers of strategy.

Kingdom Blitz ends when you eventually overwhelm your opponent and storm their castle, laying siege to their buttresses (heh heh). Creatures that reach the enemy castle each deal one damage to the castle, and once a castle suffers five hits, it’s game over man.

Deck Composition

Kingdom Decks

Each Kingdom deck contains 15 total creature cards of 5 different creature types. There are 8 level one creatures (of two different types…the “goons”), 4 level two creatures, 2 level three creatures, and 1 powerful level four creature.

For example: the Elves deck contains 4 Hunters (level 1), 4 Dryads (level 1), 4 Druids (level 2), 2 Unicorns (level 3), and a single Treant (level 4).


Magic Decks

Each Magic deck contains 15 total cards: 11 spell cards, and 4 level two elemental creature cards. Of the 11 spell cards, there are 4 level one spells, 3 level two spells, 2 level three spells, and 1 powerful level four spell.

For example: the Fire deck contains 4 Bloodlust cards (level 1), 3 Retreat! cards (level 2), 2 Fireball cards (level 3), 1 Inferno card (level 4), and 4 Fire Elementals (level 2).


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