Empyrium Tactics


Update 6/15/2015: Empyrium Tactics is under development using Unreal Engine. The game is almost fully proto-typed but we are recruiting an additional artist for the project. We sill start providing regular updates on progress on the blog soon.

Empyrium Tactics is a real-time strategic role-playing game being developed by Gigaloth Games targeted for release on Steam, Playstation 4, and XBOX One. The game has both a single player campaign, and planned multiplayer cooperative and competitive gameplay.

The game takes place in a steampunk fantasy world, and focuses on the conflict between the sprawling Empire and revolutionary forces as the secret of magic is rediscovered and the land is thrust into war.

Gameplay Summary

The gameplay of Empyrium Tactics combines real-time map control tactics with turn-based RPG combat. The player controls an entire army which consists of many “squads” which move on the tactical map and take control points such as garrisons, towns, or encampments. Each squad consists of between one and nine (but usually 4-6) characters placed on a 3×3 grid to create the squad formation.

To complete a map, the player must achieve one of many different objectives such as capturing an enemy fortress guarded by a boss, escort/protect a friendly squad, infiltrate a city, eliminate monsters, rescue an friendly squad, etc.

World Map

On the World Map, the player can access any regions currently available to them based on story progression. The player also may edit their army, squads, and characters in preparation for the next battle.

Tactical Map

After selecting a region from the world map, the game shifts to the Tactical Map, where the player may deploy their squads from their headquarters and move them around to capture valuable control points on the map. Squads at control points are able to regenerate health and receive bonuses. Some control points have special tactical importance such as watchtowers, temples, mortar towers, and others.


When two squads encounter each other on the tactical map, they engage in combat against each other. In battle, characters take turns performing actions based on their initiative. Every character has a certain number of attacks per battle depending on their spot in the formation, equipment, or learned skills.

After all of the characters have exhausted their total number of attacks (or one side is completely eliminated), the battle ends and the squad that dealt more damage is the victor. The defeated squad loses morale and is forced to retreat.


A variety of characters can be a part of the player’s army, including humans, monsters, mechs, and other unique creatures.


Standard human characters have access to more than 60 different fantasy steampunk classes including Knight, Gunner, Engineer, Scout, Pirate, Valkyrie, Medic, and more. As characters advance in the basic classes, they gain access to more powerful hybrid and specialized classes like Gun Mage, Ironclad, Corsair, Bounty Hunter, Infiltrator, and others. Each class has unique combat attacks, strengths, weaknesses, and abilities on the tactical map that differentiate them.

There are also a number of monsters, mechs, and creatures that have their own class progression as well.