World Train

WorldTrainCoverThe Book

Here at Gigaloth, we are pleased to be teamed with author MD Shoatzycoatl who brings many creative aspects to life across our many imaginative universes. One such universe is that of World Train. Published in 2012, the novel follows the adventure of a young man who is hit by a train and transported to a shadowy afterlife world full of minotaurs, tanks, mermaids, priests, robots, tribesmen, and many other colorful beasts, creatures, and characters.

You can purchase the book on Amazon, or even download it straight to your Kindle.

The Graphic Novel

WT_Main LogoBeyond the novel, MD and Gigaloth are working to bring the extraordinary world of World Train even further to life through a graphic novel slated for completion in Spring of 2015. The artwork is being done by the talented and amazing Naters Calderone, and brings to life the fantastic creatures and environments of the World Train novel.

Check out these sample pages, and begin your journey into the afterlife!