The Momus Award 2015

Gigaloth Publishing proudly presents its first annual, flash fiction, writing contest: The Momus Award. Submissions of 1,000 words (or fewer) will be accepted for science fiction, fantasy, and/or horror no later July 31, 2015.

Momo satisfacere, et similia …

To satisfy Momus, and the like …


The Momus Award winner will be published in Gigaloth Publishing’s premiere, online, science fiction, fantasy, and horror magazine in September 2015!

Entering the contest is simple!

If your story is science fiction, fantasy and/or horror, is less than 1,000 words in length, and has NOT been previously published (or is being considered for publication), paste it into the body of an email (or attach a Word doc) with your contact details, including first and last name, the city/state/country where you live, and your age (if under 18). Then, send your submission to with “Momus Award 2015 Submission” as the subject of the email (please adhere strictly to submission requests for full consideration).*

*Also, you will receive professional feedback and constructive critique on your writing from Gigaloth Publishing editors, including World Train: Beginning author MD Shoatzycoatl and haiku relief poet and writer, adam mackie.

Gigaloth Publishing also welcomes queries and questions, no matter how minuscule or enormous, by email, at

Thanks for your interest in The Momus Award flash fiction contest, and may the Gigaloth decide favorably on your fate.